Material Handling Solutions For The Packaging Industry

Engineered Packaging Solutions, LLC offers our own team of professional conveyor installers and conveyor control experts to develop electrical controls and offer complete system integration for all conveyor projects.

Electrical controls packages range from state of the art PLC and PC based controls to relay logic. All PLC types are supported. Complete electrical panel design and fabrication is available as is field wiring.

Mechanical installation can include demolition or modification of existing equipment to installation and start-up of your new conveying and packaging equipment. Equipment rigging is also available.

Conveyor integration, automatic case palletizing, automatic case depalletizing, mixed load palletizing, pallet conveying systems, gantry robotic palletizing systems

FlexLink modular conveyor. Puck handling and work cell integration. Hoppmann centrifugal feeders and pre-feeders. Linear motion devices. Electrical controls systems. Elevator orienters for closures. Linear cap feeders.

Floor and hi-level automatic case palletizers from 10 to 200 cases/min.

Fully integrated robotic case/pail/bag palletizing systems.

materi31Automatic and manual bulk empty plastic container palletizers and de-palletizers. Complete container take-out systems. Leak detection. Systems integration.


logo Automated stretch wrappers and stretch wrapping systems.

wexarAutomatic case and tray erecting/sealing — both hot-melt and tape Tape and hot-melt glue case sealers, indexers and pack-off stations.

tgw Automated storage and retrieval systems for mini-load (case and tote) and unit load (pallet). Warehouse control systems (WCS) and warehouse management systems (WMS). Automated order fulfillment systems.

rysonUnit flow and mass flow spiral conveyors for transportation or accumulation. Slat conveyors. Bucket elevators.

gpDe-nesters, reciprocating, rotary and servo actuated placers, automatic doming systems. Flexwrap® tub and cup packaging system. Clamshell labeling systems.

clip_image002Pressure sensitive labeling equipment and prime labeling systems. Blow-on, tamp-blow, wipe-on, print and apply systems.

wjmAutomated stretch wrappers and stretch wrapping systems