About Engineered Packaging Solutions

Engineered Packaging Solutions has a technical sales force dedicated to serving a diverse customer base.  Collectively our expertise is in excess of 100 years.  All sales personnel have technical backgrounds having spent no less than ten years in the field of material handling; two are graduate mechanical engineers, one is a Professional Engineer, and four have Masters Degrees, two in finance and one via an executive study program.

Experience Plus…

Engineered Packaging Solutions, LLC offers an extensive “expertise” in the packaging and conveying equipment we sell. Most of us once sat in your very seat, as project engineer, production manager, so we know how critical your project is to your success. We have the experience and ability to closely match the right material handling technology to your specific application – chances are that we have been there and done that at least one time before.

harryEngineered Packaging Solutions, LLC – founding Member, 2000
11 years with Pro-Pak Services, Inc.
4 years Kamflex Corp (conveyor manufacturer)
1 year Standard Metal Products (conveyor/packaging equip. manufacturer)
3 years Custom Conveyor (airline baggage handling equipment)
1 year Stearns Airport Equipment (airline baggage handling equipment)

Texas Christian University – 81 BS Business, Marketing
Lake Forest Graduate School of Management – 91 MBA

billEngineered Packaging Solutions, LLC – founding Member, 2000
5 years with Pro-Pak Services, Inc.
10 years with Continental Plastic Containers (plastic container manufacturer)
1 year Panduit Corp. (manufacturer of plastic components)
3 years E.H Gustafason & Co. (sheet metal specialties for HVAC)

University Of Illinois – 84 BS Engineering, Mechanical
DePaul University – 89 MBA, Finance
Registered Professional Engineer-In-Training – State Of Illinois

chuckEngineered Packaging Solutions, LLC –  2000
12 years with Pro-Pak Services, Inc.
18 years with Litton Industries (palletizer and conveyor manufacturer)
9 years with Alvey (palletizer and conveyor manufacturer)

Bradley University
University of Illinois

johnEngineered Packaging Solutions, LLC –  2002
18 years with Haumiller Engineering Company (custom assembly machinery)

University of Illinois – 83 BS Engineering, General
Rosary College (Dominican University) – 89 MBA

paulEngineered Packaging Solutions, LLC –  2010
8 years with HCM (Hytrol dealer)
2 years with Atlas Toyota (systems group)
15 years with Wallace Computer
3 years with Brach Candy
4 years with Alden’s (mail order)

DePaul University – 77 BA Communications